Is She Gon Pop


J. Cole

альбомы: Born Sinner
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 956 просмотров
YeahArt of seduction
Hoes jump like Vince Carter backstage like they apart of production
We talked about her dreams you gotta start off with somethin'
Her momma went to college but yet her father was hustlin'
Found it funny 'cause now they daughter is stuck-in
A similar predicament, I'm askin' where her nigga went
She said your guess is good as mine
Dropped outta school now he run the streets like all the time
Left me alone with this baby I don't hear from the nigga
And to keep hundred with you I don't care for the nigga
Well, movin on
Funny cause I only know a couple of your songs
But I love when they come on
Word?Ill take it, baby I'll take it
Why I'm starin' at you cause I'm picturing you naked
Know whats on your mind embrace it, do not fake it
Tonight is what you make it, take it do not waste it
Take a shot you not wasted, look in the blocks with mind play?
I'm in a small ass town with a superstar chick
This is superstar dick
Girl, how could you not taste it?That's a little egotistic
My amigos be hocking in Toledo
Niggas winning off me, it's all G,
Cause he know bitches can't get the Michael
So they settling for Tito
We know, yeah nigga we know
Hot bitch fell in my lap like cappuccino
Niggas so thirsty it irks me
You keep on putting bitches over money but that ain't my cup of tea though
Nah nigga, the game is to get
A bunch of paper just to change your fucking neighbors and shit
I swear if niggas put half
Of what they put in chasing ass into a craft
By now you'd be famous and rich
But I get it, you rather lay with a bitch
While you play with her pussy, and let her play with your dick,
She thinking she got a first round pick
She thinking bout all the things she can get
She thinking you got a range for a whip
And a fly ass cribbo, but it's not that simple cause
All you got is a phone full of bitches, and they just like her
Meanwhile I'm stacking paper up, my word
Had more hoes coming than a bus driver
Got a full grown woman wanna fuck my word, wanna ride my nouns
Let her suck my verbs aye
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Это интересно:Jermaine Lamarr Cole (родился 28 Января 1985 года) более известный как J. Cole - это американский рэппер и продюсер. Ранние годыОн родился во Франкфурте, Германия. В возрасте 8 месяцев со свой мамой переехал в Фейетвилл, Северная Каролина, где он воспитывался мамой и тётей. Его отец афро-американец, а его мама была белой. Коул учился в Terry Sanford High School в Фейетвилл и выпустился... продолжение
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