J. Cole

альбомы: Cole World: The Sideline Story
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[Verse 1:]
Look, I just shed tears, homie, and, no, I ain't to proud to admit it,
Just seen my father for the first time in a minute,
When I say a minute I mean years, man,
Damn! a whale could have swam in them tears, fam.
‘Cause as I left ‘em, I reflected on my younger days,
When it was just me and my brother
And my mother played father ‘cause no other man bothered,
Not even my biological, it never seemed logical,
But I accepted it ‘cause I ain't know no better,
Thought I was brighter than a Polo sweater,
No pops was like Martin with no Coretta.
So many things you could have told me,
And saved me the trouble of lettin' my mistakes show me,
I feel like you barely know me,
And that's a shame ‘cause our last name is the same,
That blood type flowin' through our veins is the same.
My mama left you, and it may be that anger's to blame,
But that's no excuse, only you and God know the truth.
And why you only call monthly, barely ever saw me,
Spend some summers with you and played with my cousin Maury?
Maybe I should be tellin' you, “Fuck you!” ‘cause you selfish,
But I want a father so bad. I can't help but
Break down, I break down,
Can't help but break down.

[Verse 2:]
I never thought I'd see my mama on that shit, man,
It's fuckin' with her body, now she sick, damn!
I wanted a big house with a white picket fence and a pool,
Who would have ever thought that it would come to this, man?
Quicksand is what this life feel like,
That shit these rappers kick is nothin' like real life,
You made a milli off of servin' hard white?
Yeah, right, my mama tell you what addicted to that pipe feel like, stupid niggas.
I heard the cops be shootin' niggas,
I swear to god, wish I could bullet proof, my niggas,
Can't get no jobs, but they still recruitin' niggas,
We tryna stand tall when it get too crucial niggas.
Break down. We break down.

[Verse 3:]
He's servin' time, locked down,
And she don't want nobody to know,
His daughter twenty-five pounds,
By the time he get out she gon' be four,
Now will his girl stay down?
Ain't no doubt she love him, yeah, that's for sure,
But temptation stays round,
And if she strayed, how could he ever know?
And so, she goes to the club on the weekend a little freakin',
But them niggas holla but she never speakin',
But tonight I see the devil creepin',
‘Cause she been lonely, she ain't felt a man in seven seasons. Damn!
She do the best that she can,
Her mama tellin' her to find another man,
She college educated with a felon boyfriend,
That's what she thinkin' tonight,
Maybe she's right, but, please,
Stay down, mama!
Gotta be strong, don't break down, mama!
Don't break down, don't break down,
Don't break down, don't break down,
Please, don't break down...

Break, break down,
Steady break me down.
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Это интересно:Jermaine Lamarr Cole (родился 28 Января 1985 года) более известный как J. Cole - это американский рэппер и продюсер. Ранние годыОн родился во Франкфурте, Германия. В возрасте 8 месяцев со свой мамой переехал в Фейетвилл, Северная Каролина, где он воспитывался мамой и тётей. Его отец афро-американец, а его мама была белой. Коул учился в Terry Sanford High School в Фейетвилл и выпустился... продолжение
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