Well Did You Evah!


Iggy Pop

жанры: rock
альбомы: A Million In Prizes: Iggy Pop Anthology
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 401 просмотр
I have heard among this clan
You are called the forgotten man
Know what they're saying, well, did you evah?
What a swell party this isAnd have you heard the story of
A boy, a girl, unrequited love
Sounds like pure soap opera
I may cry
Tune in tomorrow
What a swell party this isWhat frills, what frocks
What broads
What furs, what rocks
They're bootiful
Why I've never seen such gaiety
Neither have I
It's all just too, too risque reallyThis French champagne
So good for the brain
That's what I was going to say
You know you're a brilliant fellow?
Why thank you
Pick up jack, but please don't eat that glass my friendHave you heard about dear Blanche?
Got run down by an avalanche
Oh, don't worry, she's a game girl you know
Got up and finished 4th
The kids got guts
Having a nice time? Grab a lineHave you heard that Mimsie Starr
Oh, what now
She got pinched in the Astor bar
Sloshed again, eh?
She was stoned
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party this isHey, check out that act
That's a lovely dress
You think I can talk her out of it?It's great
Aah, it's great
So grand
So grand
It's wonderlandWe sing
Oh, we sing
So rare
So rare
Like old Camembert
Like baba au rhum
Don't dig that kind of crooning chumHave you heard? It's in the stars
Next July we collide with Mars
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party, a swell party
A swelligant, elegant party this isI drink to your health
Naw, let's drink to your wealth
You're my bon ami
Hey, that's French
A liberty fraternityHave you heard? It's in the stars
Next July we collide with Mars
Well, did you evah?
What a swell party, swell party
Swelligant, elegant party this is
Это интересно:Игги Поп (англ. Iggy Pop, настоящее имя James Newell Osterberg, Jr. — Джеймс Ньюэл Остерберг младший, род 21 апреля 1947 г.) — американский рок-вокалист, один из зачинателей и гуру альтернативного рока. За вклад в развитие рок-альтернативы его величают «крёстным отцом» (иногда «дедушкой») панк-рока и гранжа. В 2009 году авторитетный британский журнал «Classic Rock» удостоил его званием «Живая легенда».В конце... продолжение
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