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"Hidden in Plain View"
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"Hidden in Plain View"
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American Classic


Hidden in Plain View

жанры: emo, alternative, rock, punk
альбомы: Life In Dreaming
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1322 просмотра
The pressure is too much to take.
Every bend reaches a break,
but that's a sore subject.
It's time to get your head checked.
You can't keep dwelling on every
moment that slipped by, because
with every sunset is a sunrise.
And we don't know or care where we go,
just turn up that radio.
We'll sing along to all our favorite songs
and hope these interstates will go
on and on and on.[Chorus]
So long sincerity, escape your mind
Its your save haven from reality
but it's okay it didn't mean much anyway
to me.It seems like just yesterday.
when we would stay up late out on your front lawn
talking about where we've been and all
the places we're going.
we would lose track of time watching
cars pass us by and I would sneak back
home before the sunrise
and how everyday would seem so long
and every night could go
on and on and on[Chorus x2]Still bleeding from these back stabbed scars
young boys dying in an old mans war
and your sympathy can't take that away.'Cause every night could go
on and on and onso long sincerity, escape from reality. [repeat x5]
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Это интересно:Hidden in Plain View были эмо-группой из 5 человек из Северной Нью-Джерси. Они образовались в 2000 году и распалась в 2007 году. Во время их шести с половиной лет группа выпустила записи с четырьмя различными звукозаписывающими компаниями (в первую очередь независимый лейбл Drive-Thru Records), в том числе два полноформатных альбома и три ЕР. Hidden in Plain View играли многочисленные концертные туры, такие как Warped... продолжение
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