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"HORSE the band"
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New York City


HORSE the band

жанры: nintendocore, metalcore
альбомы: A Natural Death
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 868 просмотров
Waking up in New York City
Dreaming about how it all began
Bright lights, big city
New Amsterdam and the Indians
You called me in tears
And it looks like rain

I walk south
Through our playground
Civilization's honeycomb

Taxi, taxi, taxi
Warm and pungent seats
Take me across the bridge
I can't be late

I'm heavy with you
Through cold morning avenues
Rushing with the rabble
Under gluttonous swelling skies

I'll come to you
Over clandestine sidewalks
I'll come to you
Crashing through dead leaves

Crashing, I'll come to you
And the cracks in the sidewalks
I'll come to you, crashing

Well, and the crosswalk says stop
Yet there you are
Trust the flicker of a picture
Between the static of cars

And it's a relief
That these walls are so high
Like arms that hold us together
Waiting for a green light

Go, go, go, stop
Go, go, go, stop
We embrace in the heart of our city
On wet broken sidewalks we're free
Это интересно:Клавишник Erik Engstrom на синтезаторе Korg MS2000 воссоздает звук 8-битных игровых приставок.Калифорнийская команда HORSE the Band, безусловные лидеры направления nintendocore.Группа ведет свою историю с 1999 года, которым датирована их первая демозапись"Scabies, The Kangarooster, and You", но впервые заявляет о себе летом 2002 года,организовав собственное турне по 7 странам. Первый серьезный альбом выходит... продолжение
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