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"Gucci Mane"
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Baby Wipes


Gucci Mane

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Trap God 2
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1210 просмотров
You know? Back in 03-04 we were shittin on niggas
Fast forward to 2012
And we still shittin on niggas
Shittin on all you hoes tonight, my bitch, she need some baby wipes
Shittin on all you hoes tonight, my bitch, she need some baby wipes
Some baby wipes
shittin on all you producers, man said he need some baby wipes
Its Gucci
I need some baby wipes
Damn[Verse 1]
Versace bags and classy shoes and belts, thats what my lady like
Shittin on all these hoes out front, extra hop that Mercedes right
My bitch ball hard but you broke hoes aint got nowhere to stay tonight
Im windin the Lambo on ultra-sick, oh bitch thats 85
Im cooking dope, Im selling kush I feel like its the 80s life
I told that yellow baldy chick to get here right to say it twice
I got them stupid benz I told the dealer man dont say no price
She married a freak they throwin rice I pay that man to throw the fight[Hook]
Versace bags and classy belts and shoes, thats what my lady like
Shittin on all you hoes tonight, I think she need some baby wipes
Stupid money, shorty ball so hard, I just might pay tonight
We breaking baby bottles in the club but we aint babies right
My girlfriend ball so hard, swear to God she need some baby wipes
They coming here to play no games with yall I came to ball tonight
Them brick squad niggas done for flexin hard I got on all my ice
I tip bad bitches in my section yall they need some baby wipes[Verse 2]
You the lean type, tryina find em
Im in the phantom ghost, you and your baby momma hind it
Put them hands on the nigga behind a full time grinder, need a bad bitch
But it ass like a grip, overseas flights, yea pay for trips
Out in Vegas and I just roll trips, thats double every time I flip
Red bottles with the burkin bag
Fake titties with the fake old ass
Watch a squad nigga ball throw cash,
4-50 aint Gucci just passed
Real niggas with this bad bitches like
Ace of Spade got me leanin to the right
Me and Gucci throw money all night
Met her in the club, fucked her in the same night
She be ballin dont do BBG Versace show her ass
In the club she got her own section body just to break
Shell be throwin on her cats, got that D girl swag
MCM upon her bag, fire nigga no jetlag
Это интересно:Рэдрик Дэвис(англ. Radric Davis; 12 февраля 1980),. более известный под сценическим псевдонимом Gucci Mane — американский рэпер. Дэвис родился в Бирмингеме, штат Алабама, позднее переехал со своей матерью в Атланту. В детстве он обожал сочинять рифмы и в возрасте 14 лет начал интересоваться рэпом. Известность пришла к нему в 2005 году с выпуском альбома Trap House, следующим за ним альбомом Hard to Kill в 2006 и Trap-A-Thon... продолжение
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