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"George Ezra"
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Benjamin Twine


George Ezra

жанры: folk, pop, british
альбомы: Did You Hear the Rain?
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1194 просмотра
Let me tell you about my best friend, he got hair down to his knees
He gets along fine, doing just how he please
And I believe that we first met, 'round three years ago
Well it feels like a lifetime, funny how fast it goesAnd I remember how this one time, when I stole his sisters car
And he didn't even mind, no he jumped in for the ride
We got miles away from anywhere, when the panic soon kicked in
We got it back safe inside and no one asked us where we've beenOooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowooLet me tell you why his sister, why she didn't second guess
She was going out at night and putting on her favourite dress
And oh my god she knows she's worth it, many boy would tell you so
Well a girl like that is worth her own weight in goldOooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowooNow I made a promise to myself once, that I would wake up by her side
My best friend said that that would be the day I'd dieOooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowoowooww
Oooh oooh oowoo
Oooh oooh oowoowoooww
Это интересно:Джордж Эзра (род. 7 июня 1993 года) - британский певец и автор песен.Свою карьеру музыкант начал в 2013 году с релиза мини-альбома Did You Hear The Rain?, за которым последовал второй мини-альбом Cassy O', выпущенный весной 2014 года.Релиз полноценного лонгплея под названием Wanted On Voyage состоялся 30 июня 2014 года. Лид-сингл... продолжение
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