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"GO! With Fourteen O"
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GO! With Fourteen O

жанры: nintendocore, 8-bit, screamo, cybergrind, experimental
Это интересно: DENNIS: KEYS, MIDI-NES AND SCREAMSSIMON: SCREAMS, KEYS AND GAMEBOYSАльбомы:SOON I'LL FEED YOU THE WORLD YEHONALA SPLIT TAPEThe End Is Close. Almost No Need For MoneyWe are Simon and Dennis.Аlso known as Go! With Fourteen O.We try to mix old technology with new ideas, creating a passionate, noisy, bleepy, aggressive, pushy and genuine 8bit-Screamo-Hardcore mixdown, to our knowledge never before seen or heard.What started as an obscure side project has now, as with so many bands before, grown to a hard hitting and full fledged band and we're always trying to elevate our musical- and on-stage performances to new levels.... продолжение

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