First Time


Finger Eleven

жанры: rock, metal, alternative
альбомы: The Greyest of Blue Skies
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 483 просмотра
I had never thought
We were hanging on
But the fall looks very far
Staring at the groundWhat flesh will do to you
Will do to me too
Be free and on your own
It's not that simpleIt's never that simple
It feels like the first time
That we'd fallen behind
And we faltered too far downNo one could save us
It feels like the first time
And we're standing above them
And no one can touch usThe worst is over
I could say to you
A bitter word or two
There's no stopping nowJust get it out in the air
Heard it through the fog
And hurt by it all
I'd take it back todayBut it's out of my hands
Lost in the film again
All the signs were showing
Watching a single frameWhen the wind begins
You're never anywhere
'Cause you're caught in my
Weather every timeFeels like the first time
We'd fallen behind
No use is the other one to wait
But I can hold onAs sure as I'm strong
Get over the faithful yesterdays
Это интересно:Finger Eleven — канадская рок-группа, основанная в городке Бёрлингтон в 1994 году. Группа исполняет пост-гранж и хард рок, на данный момент выпущено пять альбомов и один сборник.Группа Finger Eleven была создана в 1994 году двумя братьями, Шоном и Скоттом Андерсонами. Скотт был вокалистом, а Шон играл на бас-гитаре. Другие роли в группе достались школьным друзьям братьев - Джеймсу Блеку (гитара), Робу... продолжение
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