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  4. Immortals Only
  5. Vader
  6. Dark White
  7. Star Vac
Это интересно: Under the guise of DyE we find ‘Taki 183,’ an enigmatic debut Album from Juan de Guillebon; long time bass player to the demanding training of the Parisian electronic scene - Joakim & The Disco, Botox and Maestro. DyE has said of ‘Taki 183’ that it ‘is a personal and progressive urban design’ already popular with artists as diverse as James Murphy, DJ Mehdi, Erol Alkan and James Holden. Sometimes dreamy electro-pop or excessive shoe gaze, and then often introverted dubstep and hallucinogenic nu-disco. On a more Highbrow level, DyE invests several research fields into his music, such as harmonic instrumental radicals and disarticulated cosmic melodies and synthetic songs! But fundamentally... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Dye»:
2011 год
  1. Taki 183
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