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What I've Heard



жанры: punk, hardcore
альбомы: My Life
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 960 просмотров
when your friends hurt you, they know it isn't good,
you don't respect them, i know that i never could. when
it comes to respect you must give to receive, with friends
like these, who need enemies. from what I've heard one who
hurts is not a friend. choose them wisely or they'll hurt
you in the end. when it comes to looking for friends, most
pick and choose. the ones that don't are the ones that always
seem to lose. it's happened to me. you know I've seen it before
but the good friends the true friends are the ones that endure
. like i said, respect is not a given, neither is trust in the
world that we're living. the trust is not there with friends lik
e these, i have no respect for people like these. who will be
hurt? who will hurt who knows? it won't be me no way, but i know.
we've all allowed and we all will again be hurt by people, the
people we call friends
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