Monkey Man


Dave Matthews Band

жанры: rock
альбомы: The Lillywhite Sessions
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 683 просмотра
Great monkey man has gone the distance,
The lucky one's going to get it.
Loving life now,
Living on top of.
Lucky ones always get it all.Oh, I'm hungry,
Don't wanna die like a little dog.
Gonna take what I can get,
I'm the monkey man,
With the great, great monkey plan.It's crazy, crazy, little man,
You've got yourself entangled.Oh, love to lie to myself,
To say everything is fine now.
We got to keep it up,
Or fall behind.
I got to keep it up,
Or lose the edge we found faster.
I'll build higher, still higher,
I dig deeper down,
Til it's down in the ground.
It's found, used up and then thrown out.Crazy, crazy little man,
What do you think you're doing here?Big, beautiful world just for us,
Good use we must put it to.
Any way I can think to use it up,
What will I tell my grandson's grandsons?I could weave a fairy tale,
On a great bible-thumping scale.
When he stands empy hands,
On his empty land,
That's what happened here.
Great, great monkey man.Where did you think grey was the color of this?
You think I don't know quite what to say?
But I'm worried for myself in this.I'm hungry,
Don't wanna die like a little dog.
Well, I eat what I can get,
From the monkey man.
Great, great monkey man.
Great, great monkey plan.Crazy,crazy man,
You get yourself turned in a pickle.Crazy, crazy monkey man,
Who is the one in the middle?Take a walk,
Cross the ice,
Melts too quickly for us to reach the other side.It's cold in here,
But the sun shines bright.
Oh, it warms this up well,
Oh, the tide is rising higher.Look, it's strange,
Floating by.
Looks just like the ones,
That flow out and ride, oh, I will.Golden age,
These golden times,
Our golden days seem to have us,
Hypnotized or blind, well.
Это интересно:Семья Мэттьюзов переехала из Южной Африки в Нью-Йорк, когда Дэйву было всего два года. После трагической смерти его отца, мальчик вернулся вместе с матерью в Йоханнесбург, где и окончил школу. Затем Дэйв перебрался городе Шарлоттесвилль, штат Виржиния, где в 1990 году ему впервые пришла идея собрать свою группу. К этому времени Дэйв Мэттьюз (Dave Matthews) уже прилично пел и играл на гитаре и, конечно,... продолжение
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