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"Darren Korb"
  1. Build That Wall
  2. Get Used to It
  3. Mother, I'm Here
  4. The Pantheon

Darren Korb

жанры: soundtrack, trip-hop, instrumental, video game music, folk
Это интересно: date of birth 5 nov 1983Bastion's soundtrack was produced and composed by Darren Korb, a songwriter and composer. He was selected to pen the soundtrack by Rao, who was a childhood friend of Korb. Bastion was the first video game that Korb had scored; prior to it he had worked on a few smaller television shows and movies. He was brought onto the team in the beginning stages of the project, and several of the pieces he developed were created prior to the final design of the levels with which they were associated. The musical style of the soundtrack has been described by Korb as "acoustic frontier trip hop". It was intended to evoke both the American frontier and an exotic fantasy... продолжение

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  1. Bastion Original Soundtrack
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