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"Cymbals Eat Guitars"
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"Cymbals Eat Guitars"
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Definite Darkness


Cymbals Eat Guitars

жанры: rock, indie, alternative
альбомы: Lenses Alien
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 753 просмотра
bring me to the world of guilt and sorrow for the races tonight
where the boats go cutting through undulating mirror images of incandescent spires
the roads there are parabolas with nameless water towers near the exits
you could turn it all on end still wouldn't be taller than the biotic arch at the crown of creation

there are people who put dirty hypodermic needles
between the seat cushions in the movie theaters
we all have the same dream the night that we contract it

so maybe I've been sleeping less at your place
since that man's last panicked screams startled us awake

we're paralyzed as the cop cars arrived
casting slow-spinning mobiles on your ceiling
three colors we watched the frozen moon

in daylight I stare past your eyes' lenses
windows framing solar wind rustling ivy on painted pink buildings

I've been hearing the soft step of gray-eyed governess
but I know you know the physical form of the moaning alarms coming from the air force base
a skinless and sinewy leviathan all terrible contraction and release
debasement ringed in banner plane exhaust and scattering V's of geese
Это интересно:Cymbals Eat Guitars - инди рок группа из Нью Йорка. Была создана в 2007 году школьными друзьями Джезефон Дагостино и Мэтью Миллером. Название группы взято из слов Лу Рида, в которых он описывал звучание The Velvet Underground. Все началось с того что Дагостино написал объявление на сайте Craigslist о том что хочет играть музыку в духе Pavement и прочего инди рока 90-х. Таким образом к группе присоединились гитарист, басист... продолжение
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