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Prospekt's March/Poppyfields



жанры: downtempo, rock, alternative
альбомы: Viva La Vida - Prospekt's March Edition, Greatest Hits, Prospekt's March EP
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 740 просмотров
Smoke is rising from the houses
People burying their dead
I ask somebody what the time is
But time doesn't matter to them yetPeople talking without speaking
Trying to take what they can get
I ask you if you remember
Prospekt, how could I forgetDrums, here it comes
Don't you wish your life could be as simple
As fish swimming around in a barrel
When you've got the gun?Oh, and I run, here it comes
We're just two little figures in a soup bowl
Trying to get the other kind of control
But I wasn't one
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Prospekt's March - мини-альбом английской альтернативной рок группы Coldplay, вышедший 21 ноября 2008 года в Европе и Японии. В остальном мире мини-альбом вышел на следующей неделе.

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