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"Cat Power"
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I Don't Blame You


Cat Power

жанры: indie, singer-songwriter, folk
альбомы: You Are Free
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 715 просмотров
Last time I saw you, you were on stage
Your hair was wild, your eyes were red
And you were in a rage
You were swinging your guitar around
'Cause they wanted to hear that sound
But you didn't want to play
And I don't blame you, I don't blame youBeen around the world, in many situations
Been inside many heads in different positions
But you never wanted them that way
What a cruel price you thought that you had to pay
And that for all that shit on stageBut it never made sense to them anyway
Could you imagine when they turned their backs
They were only scratchin' their heads
'Cause you simply deserve the best
And I don't blame you, I don't blame youThey said,"You were the best"
But then they were only kids
Then you would recall the deadly houses you grew up in
Just because they knew your name
Doesn't mean they know from where you came
What a sad trick you thought that you had to play
But I don't blame you
Это интересно:Загадочная, как кошка, непредсказуемая, своенравная, вечно себе на уме, Cat Power, она же Шон Маршалл (Chan Marshall), никогда не участвовала в войнах всех против всех, которыми славится шоу-бизнес. Обладательница дымчатого, шероховатого, терпкого вокала, она с задумчивой искренностью делилась своими маленькими драмами, не ожидая фанфар, быстро уставая от известности и легко меняя свет софитов на... продолжение
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