It's All Over


Buju Banton

жанры: dancehall, reggae
альбомы: 'Til Shiloh
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 667 просмотров
M. Myrie/W. Johnson/C. Browne
Girls in supply, Buju Banton expressing his feelings
Look at the action of the girls
Lord have mercy, I am getting excited
Woman are mashing up to town
From the head to the ground
And the men are rejoicing
It's all over
She's on the starting line
Now they're off
If you stop to look you will see everyone at last
It is the sweetness of your body that makes you excel
The girl up front, she won't last
Flourishing, nourishing, everything else
The ragamuffin could ever want
Men are craving for your body
They think it must be some glue
They tell their girlfriends they have left them
I can't tell you how much I want you, right now
I'm coming to get you, serious talk now
You could barricade the door or your father could
Be guarding you with a 404 rifle
The rest of my life I will devote
Let's go make a martimonal house
Woman every groove and every angle fit
It must be aerobic class
I can imagine what it would be like with you
Do it when you're young, you can't wait til youre older
Tell the girl to move, get out of the way
All the things you have expensive
Buju Banton is speaking and the world is crowed
The girl is being used and not seen any results after
Men using women like how they use plaster
Look how the girls wrecking the corner
What Buju Banton say...hea hea
Repeat all verses
Look at the girl moving in the center
Wiggling, jiggling all over
Men are after you body like termite to lumber
The amount of men you want is more than number
Sho Buju us here and it's a Drama
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Это интересно:Buju Banton(настоящее имя Mark Anthony Myrie) родился 15 июля 1973 года в трущобах Кингстона в районе Солт-Лейн. «Buju»- это прозвище, даваемое круглолицым детишкам, и озночающее плод хлебного дерева. А Banton это фамилия ямайского музыканта Burro Banton`а, которым Buju восхищался еще будучи ребенком. Buju Banton был одним из пятнадцати детей, его мать была уличным продавцом, которая восходила корнями к самим Марунам,... продолжение
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