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"Brookes Brothers"
  1. Tear You Down
  2. Rainman
  3. Mistakes
  4. Outro

Brookes Brothers

жанры: drum and bass, liquid funk, dnb, drum n bass, electronic
Это интересно: One of the most respected production partnerships in Drum and Bass, the Brookes Brothers have become a formidable force across the bass music scene. Known for their unique, soul and disco infused beats, the Brookes Brothers are one of the genres most accomplished production teams.The duo scaled to new heights with the seminal hit 'Tear You Down' in 2008. A blend of soulful vocals and funk infused bass, 'Tear You Down' spent 2 weeks atop the UK dance chart as well as 15 weeks in the top 20. Catching the attention of Sara Cox, who made it BBC Radio 1's "Record Of the Week", 'Tear You Down' underlined the duo's place in the upper echelons of DnB.After... продолжение

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