I have this feeling that my luck is none too good
This sword here at my side don't act the way it should
Keeps calling me its master, but I feel like it's slave
Hauling me faster and faster to an early, early graveAnd it howls, it howls like hellI'm told it's my duty to fight against the law
That wizardry's my trade and I was born to wade through gore
I just want to be a lover, not a red-eyed screaming ghoul
I wish it'd picked another to be its killing toolBlack Blade, Black Blade
Forged a billion years ago
Black Blade, Black Blade
Killing so its power can grow, grow, growIt's death from the beginning to the end of time
And I'm the cosmic champion and I hold a mystic sign
And the whole world's dying and the burden's mine
And the black sword keeps on killing 'till the end of timeBlack Blade, Black Blade
Bringing chaos to the world we know
Black Blade, Black Blade
And it's using me to kill my friendsBlack Blade, Black Blade
Getting stronger so the world will end
Black Blade, Black Blade
Forcing my mind to bend and bendI am the Black Blade
Forged a million billion years ago
My cosmic soul it goes on for eternity
Carving out destinyBringing in the Lords of Chaos
Bringing up the Beasts of the Hades
Sucking out the souls of the heroes
Laying waste to knights and ladies
My master is my slaveYou poor ugly humans
Это интересно:Blue Öyster Cult — американская рок-группа, созданная в Лонг-Айленд, Нью-Йорк, США в 1967 году. Группу причисляют к пионерам хэви-метала. За время существования группы было продано свыше 24 миллионов их альбомов, включая 7 миллионов только в США.Эта группа была образована под руководством продюсера Сэнди Перлмана и в оригинале называлась "Soft White Underbelly". Сменив еще ряд имен и пройдя через... продолжение
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