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"Better Luck Next Time"
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"Better Luck Next Time"
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Doin' Time


Better Luck Next Time

жанры: punk
альбомы: Start From Skratch
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 986 просмотров
Well I know the world's turning over again
And I'll be there while everyone is out getting bent over this,
and of that; I can't believe that we still can't begin to control what we have
And I know that this is quite the sorriest state
We all feel it, we're coming out 'cause we can relate
Turn it up, play it loud, don't end the song
'till we're all involved is what it's all about

So come on and sing it just as loud as you can
And I bet it starts to heal with every chant of the hand
Come on and give it everything that you have
'Cause it's yours and it's mine, we're all just here doin' time

Well I know that we'll come together again
And it takes no more than one of us to start up the trend
And I think we're getting closer every step of the way;
I've fallen hard on it today
And I know it seems like we're growing apart
But then again you could think of it as being a start
to what we cannot have so turn the lights off,
I'm outa' here in time to catch the band

No I'm not giving up
I need you more than you could ever see so come with me my own worst enemy
Believe me when I say I've got a lot to learn
and I promise you I'll take back everything that you have heard;
it all seems so absurd
Это интересно:Since forming in the spring of ’04, Better Luck Next Time has put a staple on the pop punk scene as it is today. With 2 full-length albums, numerous compilation appearances, and a split CD under their belt, the band has proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their debut album “Third Time’s a Charm” was engineered, recorded, and produced entirely by themselves in the fall of ’05. It quickly caught the attention of InYaFace Records (Tokyo, Japan). The album hit Japanese Billboard at #19 on the Top 50 Charts. A year later, the band headed overseas to headline @UNITED Vol. 2 – Tokyo’s Melodic Attack in Shibuya, Japan at Club Quattro. The album was later declared the best selling foreign... продолжение
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