Not Alone


Before Their Eyes

жанры: post-hardcore, rock
альбомы: Untouchable
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 906 просмотров
When she was young,

She was living the dream,

Worries are gone,

Nothing was wrong at all or so it seemed,

Reality stung,

The whiskey bottle was dry,

Daddy would scream,

Cause he is diseased and haunted all the time,

Big girls don't cry

It goes on til something happens,

You gotta go and face it today,

When you're gone nothing matters,

You gotta stop running away asking "So what do you do?"

You gotta break through,

Make it on your own,

It goes on but I thought you should know,

You're not alone

When he was young,

He was living the dream,

He has it all,

Nothing can stop him now or so it seemed,

Reality stung,

Lost control of the wheel,

It all went so fast can't remember the crash,

This all seemed so unreal,

Tough guys still try

There's a hand to hold,

You're not alone,

This pain gets old like,

cracks in stone,

Just taking back control,

Taking back control

It goes on til something happens,

You gotta go and face it today
Это интересно:Before Their Eyes – христиан пост-хардкор группа из Финдли, Огайо, США. В настоящее время они записываются на Rise Records . Все члены группы - христиане, и их религия повлияла на музыку и лирику группы. Название Before Their Eyes взято из Нового Завета («There is no fear of God before their eyes»). Группа совершила «Across The Nation» тур по США. Вместе с Before Their Eyes играли Memphis May Fire, Blinded Black, Dance Gavin Dance, Oh, Sleeper, The Hottness и Alesana.В... продолжение
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