Long Vows


Band of Horses

жанры: alternative
альбомы: Mirage Rock
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1168 просмотров
Hey little darlin'
Sweet little love of mine
Well it's only, a matter of timeAll that you see
All that you set out to find
Nothing change your mindAt the brink of day
In the middle of the night
You remember me
Don't know whyI'm in the running
In the running
Got me where you want me
Where you want me
OhIt's harder to recall
How... bad time
Or the frame of my mind
Frame of myWho could even blame me
In hindsight
You snuck around with that guy
It wasn't rightIt isn't funny
It isn't funny
No it's nothing, nothing
Wits don't show me the way
Blankets... stayed in place
Just as they were raisedI'm in the running
In the running
You got me where you want me
Where you want meNo one's going to show you the way
When it it gets cold
You find yourself babe
Back in the whole from which you cameAnd everything will fall into place
Это интересно:Band Of Horses, предварительно известные как Horses, являются американской инди-рок группой, сформированной в 2004 в Сиэтле Беном Бридвеллом, Матом Бруком, Критоном Барреттом и Робом Хэмптоном. Джо Арнон присоединился к оркестру в феврале 2006. Сейчас группа записывается на Columbia Records. Их часто сравнивают с My Morning Jacket,... продолжение
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