Electric Music


Band of Horses

альбомы: Mirage Rock
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 644 просмотра
Listen to the motor getting louder as we go
One way or another, gonna make it back home
Mountains to the water chewing up the scenery
Fog,it only hovers, or the blinding sun beams
This is what he does traveling the open roadGet her on the double, make it right away
This is what he loves
Traveling the open roadNow she's talking dirty
I get there in a hurry and see
You don't have worry, a secret little birdie told me
Keeping things in motion, baby keep on running for me
Only static on the radio, pick up speedHear me out mama, I don't mean for you to weep
Get back to you tomorrow, now don't you lose sleep
This is what he does traveling the open roadHey it's nine thirty
My vision's getting blurry and weak
I'd get there in a hurry but the police are following me
Keep it in perspective, maybe come visit and free me
K-9 unit on the interstate, Nashville, TennesseeKeep things in motion baby, keep on running for me
Only static on the radio I'm picking up speed
Это интересно:Band Of Horses, предварительно известные как Horses, являются американской инди-рок группой, сформированной в 2004 в Сиэтле Беном Бридвеллом, Матом Бруком, Критоном Барреттом и Робом Хэмптоном. Джо Арнон присоединился к оркестру в феврале 2006. Сейчас группа записывается на Columbia Records. Их часто сравнивают с My Morning Jacket,... продолжение
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