B.B. King

жанры: blues, jazz, guitar

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Sweet Little Angel★★
  2. 2.Sweet Sixteen
  3. 3.Gambler's Blues
  4. 4.The Thrill Is Gone★★★★★
  5. 5.How Blue Can You Get?
  6. 6.Sneakin' Around
  7. 7.Help The Poor
  8. 8.Never Trust A Woman
  9. 9.All Over Again
  10. 10.Don't Answer The Door
  11. 11.Paying The Cost To Be The Boss★★
  12. 12.Lucille
  13. 13.Why I Sing The Blues
  14. 14.Please Accept My Love
  15. 15.Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
  16. 16.Hummingbird
  17. 17.Chains And Things
  18. 18.Ain't Nobody Home
  19. 19.There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
  20. 20.Guess Who?
  21. 21.Ghetto Woman
  22. 22.I Got Some Help I Don't Need
  23. 23.To Know You Is To Love You
  24. 24.I Like To Live The Love
  25. 25.Let The Good Times Roll
  26. 26.Better Not Look Down
  27. 27.Into The Night
  28. 28.When Love Comes To Town
  29. 29.I'll Survive
  30. 30.Call It Stormy Monday
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