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Dinosaurs Became Extinct



альбомы: Visions
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1009 просмотров
You had anger pulsed rage
unexplored pathways limitless boundaries
a voice above the dim screaming so loud
and now you are the massesyou used to run so fast
where were you going
no where
I've seen the path you took it leads in circles
counter productive
exhausted by your slavery you are broken
nothing new
preach words you no longer believe in
stalewords are empty as your heart
your lies breed hatred and contempt
on grasping we wont help as your consumed into nothingyour lies defeat your purpose
your purpose is only lies
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Visions is the debut release of American metalcore band Atreyu. It is a seven-track EP and was released during 1999 although the exact release date is unknown, as no confirmation on the EP's release date has been made. It is suspected that the EP was sold at the band's local shows and, as a result, is currently very difficult to find. It was released through Die Trying Records, an independent label. As heard on this EP, much of their earlier sound is influenced by hardcore punk.
Producer: Alex Varkatzas, Brandon Saller, and Paul Miner

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