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Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears



жанры: metalcore, hardcore
альбомы: Visions
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 822 просмотра
After all that has transpired
after all that's taken place
after all the stab wounds
and just before my death
I rise phoenix like a new
from the still burning ashes of false hearts lies
to fly once again to shine from withindismember my myself
severe my veins
poison myself
a heartless joke
slash at my neck
gouge out my eyes
screaming in agony
you pacify me.bleeding hearts shed no tearssoaked all the way through with remorse and regret
fire to purify my soul and blood to replenish it
I search in hopes of completion to justify my love for you
nothing ever ends where are souls beginnothing can save me from myself
you keep me safe
resurrecting my love
an angel like you
can never fall
heaven I found
right in my armsI found love in you
I find truth in you
I see light in you
and it horrifies me
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Visions is the debut release of American metalcore band Atreyu. It is a seven-track EP and was released during 1999 although the exact release date is unknown, as no confirmation on the EP's release date has been made. It is suspected that the EP was sold at the band's local shows and, as a result, is currently very difficult to find. It was released through Die Trying Records, an independent label. As heard on this EP, much of their earlier sound is influenced by hardcore punk.
Producer: Alex Varkatzas, Brandon Saller, and Paul Miner

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