A Vampire's Lament



жанры: metalcore, hardcore, metal, screamo
альбомы: Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 551 просмотр
I am the walking dead heart breaker my apologies
I'm happy, you'll never understand
What it's like to be, trapped under six feet of solid glass
I can see out, but no one gets inScreaming at the prison, I've locked myself into
I'm sorry, I'm still breathing and that I'll kill again
But the loneliness is too much for me to handle
The taste of fresh blood pushes me onI told myself the con sent pain
Could've eased the tension burning inside
But the nights were cold and the days dragged to weeks
I will die here alone I will dieThe fear of romance, the pain of living
The joy of sorrow, the strength of not forgiving
The fear of romance, the pain of living
The joy of sorrow, the strength of not forgivingGod help me, I'm so tired
But in my dreams the wolves eat out my soul
God help me I'm so frightened
But in my dreams the wolves tear out my heartI used to be golden, a saint in a time of sorrow
But then the turning came and I kissed the sun goodbye
Don't you get it, it's always darker in my eyes
The screams of my brother is egging me on
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