жанры: rock, indie
альбомы: Cosmic Debris
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1165 просмотров
I moved in that very day
The room was small but I liked it anyway
He watched TV while I dreamed through my mind
And the pregnant girl was busy all the timeSeptember and October past me by
I decided to go home for a while
I got a lift with an old friend of mine
I wanted her still she reminded me on the waySo when I got home I went to see mum and dad
They asked was I okay
Was I happy
I looked and I smiled and I said that I wasA few days later I decided to leave
I couldn't find anyone who could take me
The only thing I could do was take a bus
So at half six I left to get the late expressI boarded the bus with my clean washing over my back
I sat beside a girl all dressed in black
We talked and smiled most of the way
Till her jealous boyfriend angrily led her awayThen when I reached the house
There was a party on inside
My friend came into the door took my bags from my hand
And he welcomed me in from the nightAs I was walking through the happy house that Halloween night
My friends were all there, my heart was glad
And my life felt actually alright
My friends were all there, my heart was glad
And my life felt actually alright
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