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"Arts The Beatdoctor"
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Arts The Beatdoctor

жанры: hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, jazz-hop, jazz, chill, jazz hop
Это интересно: Residents in the area of Hilversum, The Netherlands, have reported seeing a certain shady figure lurking about the local hospital. This individual is dressed in some sort of freakish doctors’ attire, including coat, stethoscope and a scalpel the size of a small sword. It’s rumored that he has been able to infiltrate the medical staff, referring to himself as ‘a new kind of medical expert’ called a ‘Beatdoctor’. All that is known so far is that he goes about the hospital, indiscriminately prescribing unhealthy doses of cinematic, dark and melancholic hip-hop beats to unsuspecting patients. When confronted with these reports, the medical staff has been quick to distance itself from the practices... продолжение

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2007 год
  1. Transitions
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