Banking on a Myth


Andrew Bird

жанры: folk, indie, singer-songwriter
альбомы: The Mysterious Production of Eggs, Fingerlings 2, 2003-12-12: Minneapolis, MN, USA
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 392 просмотра
There's one guy I'd like to thank / he signs the checks and leaves them blank / he's the one / he says you don't have to walk a plank / the game is rigged, go fig your / slide show tanked / and your flagship sank / so we're taking all our myths to the bank / so just don't forget who to thank / we're taking our myths to the  / drinking a fifth to the / we're taking all our myths to the bank / if you could just do him this favor / although it might involve child labor / join his entourage / give him a foot massage / from Star Search to the Philharmonic / he'll get you there with Hooked on Phonics / he's the one to know / doesn't matter if you blow – no no / in fact it's just the thing / he thinks we're needing / it's a lukewarm liquid diet / they're force feeding / when the words we use have lost their bite / now they hit you like an imaginary pillow fight / but it's all right / cause you're inside / and you're in tight / deals in commodities of the abstract sort / buys them in bulk but sells them short / talent, genius, love even signs of affection / he floods the market there's no price protection / and when his master plan is unfurled / there stands a handsome bid on the weather systems of the world
Это интересно:США, ИллинойсДитя семидесятых, Эндрю Бёрд получил замечательное образование, в том числе музыкальное: по классу гитары, скрипки и глокеншпиля. А еще он профессиональный, гм, свистун. Начав музыкальную карьеру с группой Squirrel Nut Zippers, в 1997-м Эндрю создает собственный проект Bowl of Fire. В его поп-ориентированных мелодиях царит фолк-безмятежность, а уверенные гитары дают ощущение ласкового... продолжение
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