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"Amos Milburn"
  1. Bad bad whiskey
  2. Amos' Boogie
  3. Mean Woman
  4. Trouble In Mind

Amos Milburn

жанры: blues, rhythm and blues, boogie woogie, 50s, rock and roll
Это интересно: The Texan boogie woogie pianist and singer was an important performer of blues music during the years immediately after World War II. Milburn was one of the first performers to switch from sophisticated jazz arrangements to a louder "jump" blues. He began to emphasize rhythm and technical qualities of voice and instrumentation second. He was a commercial success for eleven years and his energetic songs, about getting 'high', were admired by fellow musicians and influenced many performers, such as Little Willie Littlefield, Floyd Dixon and his prime disciple, Fats... продолжение

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