On The Borderline


Alison Krauss

жанры: bluegrass, guitar
альбомы: Too Late To Cry
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1293 просмотра
There's a chill on this evening, nights right for greaving,
Darkness surrounds him as he wanders alone
He walked past the dim lights, the pathways and street lights
They remind him, of nights long ago,
When his love was strong and his muscles hard, His whiskey throat was barley marred,
Seeking misfortune in the lies that he told, Then a brokin heart bought him to his knees,
In the hour of his greatest need, Lost and forsaken by the love, he could not hold[Chorus:]
On the Border line of love again, Its bound to make you pay
On the Border line, we'll make our stand, Then watch it fall awayAnd he stands in quiet solitude, The nights reflects upon his mood,
Seeking the vision that had once been so clear, When he felt the touch of his women's love
His pounding heart was warm and young, Now locked inside him with his anger and fearAs he moves on slowly, past the trees, Down the path way home through fallen leaves
He can't believe, how he'd sunken so low, So he learned to live with his injured pride
His purple heart hidden, deep inside, The only reward, for a love he could not hold
Это интересно:Элисон Краусс начала продвигать блу-грас (стиль музыки, в котором одним из главных инструментов является скрипка) в 90-х годах. Смешивая блу-грас с фолком, она получила огромнейшее одобрение у публики, но только с выходом в 1995 году альбома Now That I've Found You, который в последующем стал платиновым, она стала широкоизвестной звездой. Между ее дебютным альбомом Too Late to Cry (1987 г.) и Now That I've Found You,... продолжение
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