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"Agent Alvin"
  1. Don't Look Back

Agent Alvin

жанры: drum and bass, liquid funk, drum n bass, electronic, new zealand, dnb
Это интересно: Music has always been a part of Agent Alvin’s life. Alvin aka Warren Field was brought up on a steady diet of classical composers, later giving way to the experimentation of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop. It was in his teens that he picked up the guitar and set upon learning everything he could about the music he was listening to. The guitar would have to give way to samplers and keyboards however when Field caught the rave bug in the late 90`s. His first tune, a laid-back dub affair, was released by New Zealand’s LOOP recordings, gaining nation-wide airplay and hinting at a sign of things to come.In 2004, he released his debut album on New Zealand’s Capital Records, featuring Spikey Tee,... продолжение

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