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  1. To Her
  2. Rain Or Shine
  3. Reflection
Это интересно: The history of ÆTHER has begun in 1974, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when former members of a few no longer existing bands, friends ALBERTO CURI, VINÍCIUS BRAZIL and FERNANDO CARVALHO gather together to form a rock band called “Magenta”. That formation has another friend in it: Wilman Jorge, on drums.In 1977, with Wilman’s leave, the band is renamed to “Rockambole”. On the period, the group already shows influences of progressive rock.Even with the deffection of bass player FERNANDO, in 1985, the band remains active until 93 with CURI, VINÍCIUS and another bass player friend, Carlos Cesar. Around then, the name “Albatroz” was dropped,due to its usage... продолжение

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2008 год
  1. Artifacts
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