жанры: new age, ambient, chillout, relaxing, instrumental, electronic
Это интересно: 7and5 is a truly unique splicing of the Electronic and New-Age genres. True, many artists are walking this line, but 7and5 has really encapsulated the beauty and serenity of great New Age, the fascinating production techniques of Electro, but with the power and memorabilty of a great pop song; featuring solid hooks and singable choruses (even though it is instrumental music!)While much New Age music can meander aimlessly with the alibi of being “meditative” or “ambient”, and much Electronic music can be sterile, emotionless, and musically shallow, 7and5 is all about emotion for the heart, and candy for the ears. Music to feel, to hear, and to remember. Not just aural wallpaper for the... продолжение

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  1. Trading Stories
  2. In A Moment's Time
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