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  1. Don't Stop
  2. Real Luv Story
  3. Interlude


жанры: korean, k-pop, kpop, yg family, rnb, yg
Это интересно: Danny Im (Hangul: 대니 임), also known by his Korean name Tae Bin (태빈), is a Korean singer and the youngest member of the Korean hip hop group 1TYM. Born on May 6, 1980, he debuted as lead vocalist of 1TYM in 1998. On June 12, 2004, he released his first solo album under the name Taebin. He used the name Danny while he worked with 1TYM, and was known for his smooth R&B vocals, often performing with his friend and fellow K-pop artist Se7en. Taebin speaks both English and Korean fluently. His religion is ChristianIm has stated that he prefers being called "Danny" whilst working with 1TYM, and "Taebin" when doing solo-work. While he was the leading vocalist for 1TYM,... продолжение

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2004 год
  1. 1st Album
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