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Purple Emoji (feat. J. Cole)


Ty Dolla $ign feat. J. Cole

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Uh, I got a laundry list of the sh** you done did for me
God, pulled out a rib for me
She pushed out a kid for me
When I'm gone, you hold down the crib for me
You know you wouldn't last in no prison
You told me straight up you ain't doin' no bid for me, uh
The Lord, He blessed you with common sense
Too many good b****** behind the fence
For lyin' to feds for n***** that climb in bed with thotties
If I ever catch me a body, I'll make you a promise, you won't know about it
I can't get you caught up in messes I made
Love you forever
When we turn like 50, I'm still gonna have all of your messages saved
Purple emojis with horns on it
Like the devil, but ain't nothin' devilish, babe
In fact, it's a Heaven-sent thing
Black angel with the regular name

F*** strangers, I could never contain my passion for you
I'm grabbin' on you in public, I know that you love it
I'm tryna put one more lil' boy in your stomach
No frontin', I keep it one hunnit
If you was to leave me, I know I'm gon' plummet
I know I'm gon' plummet
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