Текст песни "Neon Hero" в исполнении "Armin van Buuren Feat Christia...":

I sail across the day
I'll make you turn (a ground ?)
Cos I want you near
For seven lonely days
With my voice around
I'm (turning?) into (nothing?)

Say thouse words to me
And I will never leave you
And I turn this around
Say you'll run to me
And I will never live without
I'm gonna take you away

Cos we can be better than this 
I wanna take you the fear
And we can live with something to give
I gotta get you out this place
This thing is alive
So why don't you try
I gotta make you run with me
From this neon war

And I can see you running
A sign, a sign won't let you loose your way
Can you feel we're getting closer

And I can hear you coming
A sign, a sign is flashing in the sky
Move a little faster

Cos I still think about you 
With my hand on my heart
I'll be the neon hero

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