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Legendary (Mike Tyson)..(Prod by Salaam Remi)



жанры: hip-hop, rap, hip hop, east coast rap, new york
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 "Ladies and gentleman 
In this corner 
the champion of champions 
From Catskill, New York 
Iron Mike Tyssooon 

 And in the other corner 
the lyrical champion 
hailing from Queensbridge, New York 
The one and only 

 Verse 1: 
Spirit of the streets 
walks in the ring 
From Brownsville the spot 
fit to boxing king 
man, machine or animal 
physical strength and intelligence 
but that type of intellect 
y'all respect 
to connect those punches 
still as a kid he stole lunches 
to makin millions in the hundreds 
chaotic conscience 
deranged (????) 
the stage are grander 
had to endorse slander 
cause the mighty stand alone 
in the (???) home 
the penitenary 
barbed wire and stone 
they locked the champ up 
leavin my brains in handcuffs 
the robin hood, seasonal santa (????) 
and y'all didn't give him nothin to begin with 
dilapitated buldings 
the [bad word] epidemic 
historical stories 
pain, love and glory 
Mike Tyson 
never be another like him 

 Mike voice over: Speed 
Nas: strength 
Mike: skill 
Nas: Power 
Mike: Accuracy 
Nas: Legendary 
Mike: Victorious 
Nas: Legendary 

 Verse 2: 
 [bad word] legned 
his hands was two weapons 
understand this minds a [bad word] blessing 
designer jewesl and diamond (????) 
modern day Jack Johnson 
flying private jets and fully protectin 
??????? with ladies with [bad word] 
lots of in 
hung with a lot of stars 
learned a lot of lessons 

 between dead homies and best friends 
and getting domed out in stretch Benz 
educated from the hood and petulance 
the dead pres don't see your pockets (???) 
and just get in (???) 
you got a full court press for them 
Benjamins, money be the death of men 

 it's a (????) world 
only the strong survive 
who's the next to try 
who's the next to be the next 
He gave us hope 
may the best man win 

 Outro [bad word]  
Iron Mike is in the house 
Iron Mike is the house 
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Это интересно: И снова о легендах… На этот раз человек, получивший признание и в мире андеграунда, и в мире мейнстрима. Он, конечно, не единственный, кто смог объединить эти «два хип-хопа», нo уж точно самый известный и интересный из рэперов «пограничья» индустрии и культуры. При этом в андеграунде он не ушёл к мифологию, конспирологию и прочие столь модные сегодня теории, часто поглощающие всё творчество... подробнее
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