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      Nino Katamadze & Insight

      жанры: jazz, female vocalists, lounge, world music
      рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 928 просмотров
      Sakvarlis saflavs vedzebdi,
      Ver vnakhe dakarguliko,
      Gulamoskvnili vtirodi:
      "Sada khar, chemo Suliko"!
      Ekalshi vardi shevnishne,
      Oblad rom amosuliko;
      Gulis fanckalit vkitkhavdi:
      "Shen khom ara khar, Suliko"
      Sulganabuli bulbuli
      Fotlebshi mimaluliko.
      Mivekhmatkbile chitunas:
      "Shen khom ara khar Suliko"
      Sheifrtkiala mgosanma,
      Kvavils niskarti sheakho,
      Titkos stkva: "diakh, diakh"!
      In vain I sought my loved one’s grave;
      Despair plunged me in deepest woe.
      Scarce holding back the sobs I cried:
      "O where art thou, my Suliko?"
      In solitude upon a bush
      dew-decked rose swayed to and fro.
      With downcast eyes I softly asked:
      "Perchance ’tis thou, O Suliko?"
      The flower trembled in assent
      As low it bent its lovely head;
      Upon its blushing cheek there shone
      Dew that the morning skies had shed.
      Midst rustling leaves a nightingale
      Was singing to the rose below;
      I hailed the bird and gently asked:
      "Perchance, ’tis thou, O Suliko?"
      The songster fluttered nearer to
      The rose, and on it pressed a kiss,
      Disburdening its soul in song
      That breathed of ecstasy and bliss.
      twinkling star shed shimm’ring light
      Upon me in a silver glow;
      I turned to it and whispered low:
      "Prechance ’tis thou, O Suliko?"
      As I gazed on the star that shone
      In light that glimmered bright and clear,
      passing breeze came blowing by
      And stopped to whisper in my ear.
      "What thou seekest is found at last;
      Henceforth thy heart but calm will know;
      The night will bring thee sweet repose,
      And day will chase away thy woe.
      "Thy Suliko was changed into
      nightingale, a star and rose;
      Your souls that true love bound as one
      To realms divine in heavens rose."
      I seek no more my loved one’s grave,
      No more do I in sorrow weep;
      The world no longer hears me sigh
      Nor sees me drowned in anguish deep.
      None can express the joy I feel
      To hear the nightingale from far,
      To breathe fragrance of the rose
      And gaze upon the shining star.
      O happy am I once again;
      No more am I oppressed by woe
      I seek no tomb, for now I see
      Thy dwellings three, my Suliko!"
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      Это интересно: Нино родилась в одном из самых красивых уголков Грузии - Аджарии. В 1990 г., поступив на вокальный факультет Батумского музыкального института, Нино начинает выступать на любительских сценах и сразу же завоёвывает невероятную зрительскую любовь. Далее следует ее творческое сотрудничество с группой "Insight", которая также состоит из выходцев из Аджарии. Основатель коллектива... подробнее
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