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"The Silent Comedy"
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    "The Silent Comedy"

      Blood on the Rails


      The Silent Comedy

      жанры: progressive rock, folk, art rock, indie, rock, folk rock
      рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.3 / 275 просмотров
      [bad word]  [bad word] thesilentcomedy
      Callin’ all agents, the seven have split
      Villains and vagrants, are killin’ our conscience
      Call it contagious, the shutters’ll click
      Fillin’ up pages, and give ‘em the opposite
      Yeah yeah
      Cross off the basics, a cut and a stitch
      Trial by patience — admitted — cause I’ve got,
      Common frustration a seminal shift
      Piles of papers are hidden in offices
      Someone’s gotta’ tow the line
      Someone’s gotta’ make it right
      Someone’s gotta’ throw the fight
      Someone’s gotta take it
      You gotta’ fake it
      Call it amazin’, we’re gonna’ get it rich
      Figures and failing are given up partly
      Settle our savings, a seventies schtick
      Someone’s gonna’ tow the line
      Someone’s gonna’ make it right
      Someone’s gonna’ throw the fight
      Someone’s gonna take it
      Not gonna’ take it
      I won’t take it

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      Это интересно: Since 1996, brothers Jeremiah and Joshua Zimmerman have been fighting an uphill battle to pursue music. That year, their preacher father sold all of their possessions and launched the family on a worldwide adventure that included travels through Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and the entirety of the United States. From playing folk instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas, to drawing crowds around pianos at Spanish shopping malls, the boys kept their musical outlet alive by any means possible.Different elements of this life history eventually culminated in the formation of The Silent Comedy ten years later. What started gaining momentum in 2006 as a loose collection... подробнее
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