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Boom Boom Pow (Jeffree Star Remix)


Jeffree Star & The Black Eyed Peas

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Listen up [bad word] ..

Yo, I got that terminator [bad word] You can give me your cyborg load
I can swallow it whole
So wet, it flows

Spit on it then sit
Obama's rubbin' my [bad word] I got that boom boom pow
make my kitty go boom boom owww!

I like that boom boom pow
In my [bad word] go zoom zoom wow
Boys know my labia got swagga
I'm on that next [bad word] now

I'm so 3008
Make you start ur period late [bad word] go boom boom boom
Ride it vroom vroom vroom
Come get it now

Boom boom boom
Gotta get that..
Boom boom boom

I'm on the supersonic boom
Fergie you [bad word] your pants
You need a De-pends costume
OH! [bad word] [bad word] uhmmm

Ya'll suck on super 8 [bad word] That small-fi stupid 8 [bad word] I'm on your boyfriends [bad word] This beat go boom boom fast

You're a [bad word] when I turn you on
Into the future [bad word] Harder, quicker, mother [bad word] Makes the boys extra longer

Cuz we got the meat that bounce
We got the fi-fierce sound
We got the beat that 808
That boom boom turn you out
 [bad word] in the place
If you wanna get down
Put your [bad word] in the air
Yes I am, gonna [bad word] now

Jeffree Star, Black Eyed Peas... pee in my mouth :)
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