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Made in Japan


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Every avenue in Tokyo will say you're never gonna make it
It's offering the two of us a chance and knows that we're gonna take it
All they need to do is leak us to the floor, it will detonate us
We'll show them what the deed is for, to the core, gotta celebrate us
Made In Japan
We're Made In Japan (x2)
...Suddenly I can be a real supernova
...in the sky before it's over
Imagine us, all the fans ... all of them screamin'
Our fantasy is so ... I'm lovin' what I'm dreamin'
Made In Japan
We're Made In Japan (x2)
Woke up in another world
Now we're on as samba girls
Getting our kimono on
Singing karaoke songs
Eating sushi, drinking tea
In the shade of maple trees
Lotus flowers everywhere
Breathing in exotic air
The manga artists take a bow
Anime's with total "WOW"
My imagination sparks
When I'm in YoYogi Park
Could it be? This distant land
Scrambled across an upper plains
Loving cost, I gotta say Sayonara, USA
Made In Japan
We're Made In Japan (x3)
Live in Japan (x8)
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