Sole Mate FreeStyle (исполнитель: Ryan Higa and Victor King)

... Where did my other sock go?
Checked the dryer but I don't know
Where he went, without its pair today
Reminiscing back to the start
On a foot now we're feet apart
So lost and cold with no Sole Mate

I was on the left should've known you we're right
Now I'll never find you anywhere, you're outta sight
Look Tube socks, thigh highs, no ... near.
Theres never the right brand or color, thats how it appears
I just cant find you anywhere, seriously though
From the dryer to the bedroom, where could you go
I'm pulling sock straight out the basket, 
Wait could this one be?
Naw man that already got a pair and now i got 3!


Lil Jon takes shots
Kobe Bryant takes shots
Doctors take shots
Ryan Higa.. SOCKS
Maybe off topic, But I like socks
I think that they ROCK
I put them on my ... your gun 
And aim it at your head
Cus thats what rappers do son
BOOM ya dead

Not really relevant but thats ok
I just want to say
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