Cum Stain


Cum Stain

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[bad word] Stain 

I don’t want to love you 
You’ll just break my heart in two 
like everyone always does 

I just want to [bad word] you 
and do naughty things to you 
I’ll do it just because 

I’m not the man that you’re waiting for 
gave you half my heart but still you wanted more 
I’m just another [bad word] Stain on your floor 

I am just a simple man 
Drink smoke and [bad word] when i can 
whatever it takes to smile 

But if you are nice to me 
I might show some sympathy 
and hang on tight for a while 

But I’m not the man that you’ve been trying to find 
I’ll just end up being a waste of time 
And I’m not the man you should be dreaming of 
My hearts wrapped up inside of a rubber glove 
I’m just another [bad word] stain on your rug. 

(woop de do’s)
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