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      Kill Kill



      жанры: j-pop, japanese, jpop, pop
      рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 361 просмотр
      We are CS Rucker.. I will shoot you down... WAT, killin discos world wide...
      Get your [bad word] in the floor... Tip your bartender.
      Cs Rucker, WAT, Kill me
      Baby what’s the deal ?
      Breakn hearts taken shots, lets go
      I give u my loven and all my money
      These white lines baby got me feel funny
      Something strange has been happening to me me me me... Give me a sign gurl I don't read mind...
      Find myself wanting your loven all the time...
      Say you love me but if your line...
      I'm going to tell [bad word] back shoot you down
      Straight to hell... Well i be a fool to
      Fall for you but the loven that we make is magic colored blue... Strung out you untrue watch out...
      Thousand eyes see mouth talkin lies still...
      You got me out my wig on the real you need to chill...
      Pump them brakes,thought you was up one playin your games..
      I have um singen annie are you ok,
      Ponge in hand scrubin out them stains....
      Kill Kill that’s why I shot you down (x4)
      Her body’s a weapon look that kill [bad word] for real baby what’s the deal
      She talked a good one
      He tucked a gun in his pcoatshe out to have fun...
      He on a hunt from a tex when he peeked in her cell phone... She at the disco...
      Gurlfriends sayin what he don't no wont hurt him...
      Swear if you hurd him... He aint playin he came to bang bang, lights out, watched her exit when the club Let Out... Kiss the gurlfriends on the cheek, goodbye... Jumped in the passenger seat, sanchos ride... Fallowed behind to the hotel sweet,romantic... This fairy tale bout to get tragic... He nervous sweatin bullets...
      Playin room service..knocks on the door... Knocks sancho to floor... Blasted him in tha face
      Kill Kill that’s why I shot you down (x4)
      Her body’s a weapon look that kill [bad word] for real baby what’s the deal
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      Это интересно: WaT - японская поп-группа, образованная Eiji Wentz & Koike Teppei.Они познакомились в 2002 и начали выступать на улице в парке Yoyogi, играя на акустической гитаре. Когда они все-таки стали дуэтом, они взяли имя WaT, соединив первые буквы слов Wentz and (и) Teppei. Сначала практически никто не приходил посмотреть на их выступления, но с наступлением лета они стали собирать по 300 человек. Параллельно... подробнее
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