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Spaz Out


Army Of The Pharaohs feat. Apathy, King Magnetic,

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[Intro] [Clip from 'Troy']
Messenger Boy: But the Thesselonian you're fighting...
he's the biggest man I've ever seen. I wouldn't want to fight him."
Achilles: "That's why no one will remember your name."

We the poisonous boys in the hood
Poised to deploy you, destroy alien barbarians ragin' on 'roids
We the '89 Raiders, Bo Jackson in your radius
The eighth wonder space hunter, Godless and atheist
Deceptacon cannibals eating metal and chemicals
robotic vampire fangs sinking into wires
Rowdy in the Audi, smoke pouring from the tires
To burn my kingdom you must use nuclear weapons
White kids started studying lessons
But with devils in the mental can't see our reflections
Cut my way out the womb, homemade c-section
(Man you [bad word] up)
What would give you that impression?

[King Magnetic]
I'm known [bad word] in, tuck your chin
Knuckles friend, suck it in, cut your kin, puncture skin
Stuck up in the muck again
I'm bucking till they dug up in their [bad word] [bad word] again
Let [bad word] up on them every witness that wasn't there
I'll [bad word] up your teeth like cheap fronts
Vegan caterers, niggas never handled beef once
Nope, tofu to soul food, the vocal choke you
Now you can't feel me, you're not supposed to
I'm close to the edge mezzanine melodies
Steadily ready to stab like the riff from the melody
Telling me different I'm felony riffing
Melons be dripping, temper wild, Melanie Griffin
Stiffing your body from lifting the shottie, vision of Gotti
Living is property, visual sodomy
Prison lobotomy, the wrong people in your head now
Jail dudes stand up, the king like a head count

I'm an animal activist, dog I'm far from a hunter
So Sarah Palin be the only cougar I put a gun to
What type of spell am I under? You want a beef? Take a number
I wonder why these younger rappers won't acknowledge their blunders
I got unquenchable hunger, my [bad word] like thunder
real Jedi kid, you a toy Yoda like Tundra
You a scene out the movie 8 Mile, studio puncher [bad word] to the litter, spit a quitter [bad word] 
I'm the definition of driven, the prisoners have arisen
With visions of demolition and fission through ammunition
I'm wishing cannibalism was a family tradition
I eradicate your groups over Gladiator loops, listen

[Celph Titled]
You think you can beat me with ether?
When I'm cooking something fresh and y'all reheating pizza
The Intertec make you move like doo [bad word] dancers
I'm slicker, bust the blicker, then I moonwalk backwards
You gonna see clouds but no it ain't the Dreamworks intro
Fire and brimstone in each verse tenfold
You thought I was ill? 
I'm ten googolplexes times that
My raps are phone calls from [bad word] so *69 that
You an actual [bad word]  we put a rapper in a bungee sling
Dummy, we catapulting careers
The world's most dangerous MC and I'm him
C-dot Title, I'm liable to be a problem
Your album sells like clothes at a nudist club
It's the dude you love that had that line about that [bad word] glove
Yeah, so feel the hurricane force when I murder
My main course is Main Source, +Barbecue+ flame sauce

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