Uh Huh (Madlib Remix)


Method Man

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Everybody... huh, yeah

Yeah, uh, uh, uh, now, uh, yeah, yo

[Method Man]

What up my people equal?, this be Tical: The Prequel

Shine up the desert eagle, light up that extra lethal

I mean that "ooh wee", three years and two g's

I'm back with new trees, I wrapped in loose leafs

While ya'll was just rappin', who get the set crackin'?

Just like a neck snappin', let's get this next platinum

What's happ'n Def Jam? Remember Meth Man?

I held your hand through them years when ya'll was stressed, fam

That's why I still love you and Russell still hustle

Let's get to pumpin' iron, and flex some real muscle

Up in this [bad word] due, my click is Rick Rude

And I ain't got the ivory, this ain't the flick, dude

Somebody told me, ya'll can't hold me

Naughty By Nature, do my dirt all by my lonely

You need back off [bad word]  you don't know me

Got to leave these hoes alone, they too nosey

[Chorus: Method Man]

Meth is killin', M.C. killin'

What more can I say, stop grillin'

That's what niggas get for actin' Hollywood

And since ya'll understood... would you?

Would you? Would you? Would you?

Uh huh, that dollar day, that dollar dollar day, ey

That dollar day, that dollar dollar day, ey

[Method Man]

Ok, the love issue, don't let that love get you

My brothers love pistol, doin' they thug dizzle

Bet ya'll ain't know, did you?, that I'm a pro, did you?

Until the flow hit you, [bad word] it, I'm official

Bone wit more gristle, thrown from chrome nickel

Place that don't tickle, can't wait to zone wit you

I'm hard as stone chisel, Meth got his own little

Formula to go triple -- for shizzle

Ya'll know my occupation, I'm puttin' in the work

So any imitation, I'm puttin' in the dirt

That [bad word] is aggravatin', why ya'll procrastinatin'

I got some massive waitin', and she probably [bad word] 

Welcome to New Yitty, where half is two fifty

If I got a problem, then that's one problem too many

So don't tempt me, I'll bust until I'm empty

Swiftly, that way, I get the chance to take you with me, [bad word] 

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Это интересно: Участник группы Wu-Tang Clan, которая была флагманом хип-хоп музыки в начале 90-х. Начал сольную карьеру в 1994 году альбомом Tical, наделавшим много шума сразу после выхода. Результатом стала статуэтка Grammy за записанную совместно с Mary J. Blige песню All I Need. Вышедший в 1998 году второй сольник Tical 2000: Judgement Day лишь закрепил успех Meth. Рэппер был одной из гланых звезд прошедшего десятилетия, отметившись... подробнее
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