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Asenath And Jill / Byakhee Byakhee


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1 = Asenath
2 = Jill
= Both

1 Byakhee, Byakhee, fly me through space
take me away, far from this place
Byakhee, Byakhee, what must I do
to go for a ride with you?
2 Byakhee, Byakhee, now heed my call
I've done the spells, I've done them all
Out of the Tartarean darkness appear
and fly me away from here
1 The boys we meet are so dreary
2 So boring and we both want a thrill
We're really terribly weary
at least that's the theory, we're virgins still
As for real dating, we're both quite repressed;
boys here in town don't pass the test
We want to go on a dangerous spree,
yes we want to try Byakhee...
1 Jill, I had no idea you were so intrested in boys
2 Well sure, I'm about to graduate high school;
it's 1926, I'm a modern girl.
But I don't want just any boy; I'm looking for somebody... special
1 Sure. Aren't we all?
2 Sister, dear sister, the boy that I want to find
is wild! Intense! he'll make me lose my mind
but still a nice man, a good man. Yes? Sure!
I want a man who's thrilling, who's deeper than the sea,
who's loyal and fulfilling - who's thrilled with me.
1 Sister, dear sister, your goals are a bit too high
men, my dear, are monsters; but please don't ask me why
There is no nice man, no good man; it's - true.
So if I must have monsters, I'm damned if I'll despair;
I'll summon up a real one - and go from there.
2 Wait, I hear a flapping sound...
1 Jill, there's something going on
Well, now, who would have guessed that my little black book is the book of E-ibon?
[windy sounds]
Byakhee, Byakhee, I hear your wings
2 I smell - a smell?
1 What are those... things?
Byakhee, Byakhee, what have we done?
This suddenly isn't fun.
1 I don't know how to describe you;
2 To see you is a mind-blowing thing.
Not moles, crows, nor ants are quite like you,
nor partially decomposed human beings
[Byakhee cry]
Byakhee, Byakhee, now that you're here
I've changed my mind; I'm filled with fear
People who go with you don't reappear
So leave me alone, I'll stay at home
I will forget we ever met
I must not and won't recall.

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