Текст песни "Old Ghosts" в исполнении "Casting Ships":

  the sun has just come up
let's make our way through the alleys and right down to the docks

here comes that crew with caps and vests
braces, black shoes, covered in plaid.
who didn't have parents to pay the rent
we could be newsboys, or we could pick pocket the rich.

we were young, we were brave
we only had each other, to light the darkest days.
we were the angry kids out at night,
not the ones who'd leave before the fight.
those who were true with our black and blues
that screamed in the air, under the hudson moon.

the street lights just got lit
we better make our way home through that alley again

How do we carry all over this home?
Then we watched Sean and Will get dragged out of the bar,
the winters were cold, so it hurts even more
slamming simpleton boys onto the floor.   

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